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In fact, my clients know that I over-deliver big time with every offer I send out. I don't want to bully you into buying something that you don't want. I tell it the way it is, and I don't like sugarcoating anything. The honest truth is that when we first beta tested the program, only 100 people have been exposed to what's inside Seduction On Steroids.

Read this article, and then decide if this is for you, or not. But even though only 100 have got access to the system, some have achieved pretty awesome results already for themselves: I was interested in a girl I had been pursuing with no luck, and when Derek asked me if I'd like to test out Seduction On Steroids, I jumped at the opportunity.

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Heck, even if a woman pretends to know exactly what she is looking for in a man, she hardly ever has an idea of what really attracts her to one. I don’t have a clue why women are like that, but who gives a shit?

All I know is that I can exploit this “weakness” to my advantage, and that’s all I care about.

he majority of women out there have absolutely no idea how attraction works.

And that, my friend, is the key to manipulating women into liking you!

There are two main reasons why men fail in the seduction game.

First, the fear of being rejected, so they hold back and take shelter.

And even better, I’ll show you how you can do the same thing and manipulate women into developing real and long-lasting feelings for you… This means that you can never “convince” a woman into falling in love with you.

The truth is that you’ll need some sort of misdirection so that when she realizes what you’re doing, it’s too late for her. Keep reading to learn about the four tactics that you can look into on how to manipulate women into liking you…

I also contacted him for advice because of how things went.

Last time I emailed him I gave him an update that we had started dating and such…

I recommend that you watch this online Masterclass where you can learn how to use Mind Control to flip a woman’s Seriously, go do it. So, here’s how to “fight back” with a simple mindset switch.

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