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When this occurs, the Earth's surface experiences earthquakes, volcanoes, and other major events.Orogeny (or-ROJ-eny), or orogenesis, is the building of continental mountains by plate-tectonic processes that squeeze the lithosphere.

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These island arcs may be added to a continent during an orogenic event.

The Earth is made up of layers of rock and minerals. The crust and upper mantle together are called the lithosphere.

The remaining three ages ( 400 Ma) are detrital and reflect unreset ages.

Electron microprobe analyses and X-ray diffraction studies indicate little mineralogical variation of micaceous material across the belt; samples dominantly host muscovite, clay minerals such as illite or smectite are absent.

Orogeny usually produces long arcuate (from arcuare, to bend like a bow) structures, known as orogenic belts.

Generally, orogenic belts consist of long parallel strips of rock exhibiting similar characteristics along the length of the belt.

The upper mantle, like the crust, is relatively hard and solid.

While the lithosphere doesn't flow like lava, it can change.

Strain partitioning into narrow, locally deformed horizons of the Table Mountain Group is accompanied by dynamic grain boundary recrystallization in quartz.

A weak trend of southward younging ages is interpreted as the preservation of deformation ages (ca. 255–245 Ma), although it remains plausible that these populations represent two deformation events.

Response to such engagement results in the formation of long tracts of highly deformed rock called orogens or orogenic belts.

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