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It takes a big budget to serve so many service categories. when the leader outspends, those who want to compete might also have to 'bite the bullet,' and increase their own spends. IT access once trailed auto spends closely, but here that industry has moved ahead in spend at the most-competitive levels.

Secure email, cloud hosting and services, and enterprise cloud round out the top five. The travel industry is represented among top five, as is etailer Wayfair.

As an agency, our clients ask us quite frequently, “How does our performance compare to the industry?

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(Don’t act like you haven’t been there, you’re no better than I …)Well, almost all of them …

I’m not asserting that you can outsource human-to-human dating—although I might be on to something there …

Although you might think these kinds of occurrences are limited to Craigslist, this isn’t the case …

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, more likely than not, you’ve flirted with Ad Words.

If you find you are not eligible for 3rd party serving, you can always When using 3rd party banner tags in the GDN, all target URLs/landing pages needs to be managed by the 3d party – in this case by Banner Flow.

As a Banner Flow user you of course have full control over your target URLs and landing pages inside the platform (read more how to set target URLs here) and this applies when publishing to the GDN as well.

Sure, you’ve gleaned as much information as the first encounter affords—how it looks, a rudimentary understanding of its value—but you’ve likely neglected some of it’s more awesome features that you’d only learn about on a second or third date.

I’ll confidently say that I’ve dated people casually in the past.

This information was previously difficult to find because most of the benchmark information available were global, not just by industry.

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