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Most of the guys I met and interviewed, including more than a few PBR big names, were INCREDIBLY sweet and polite..kinda dim pretty boys. I went to the PBR Rodeo in Tulsa, Oklahoma a couple weeks back and there were so many cuties there.

This is our Miss Rodeo Iowa 2010, Jordanne Blair from Lake City, Iowa link)I am dating a cowboy now, and I am downtown city girl, so it is very interesting!

nice designer-type western shirt and distressed jeans, for example).

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I'm not into the cowboy look 100% of the time, but I would definitely date someone who could pull it off with the right fashion elements (i.e.

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Who in his right mind would sit without a saddle upon the back of a wild horse and ride until the horse quit bucking?

What was Montana Jack Ray thinking when in 1910 he originated the extremely hazardous trick “Going Under the Belly” where the rider of a galloping horse goes from the saddle to under the horse’s belly?

Card photograph Rodeo ring, Protection, Kansas, ca. 1910 Photographic Study Collection, 2003.272Before there was a motocross and BMX freestyle trick called the “One-handed No-footed Can-Can” or the skateboarding trick called “Carving a Frontside Boneless,” there were the competitive events of cowboy contests, tournaments and early rodeos from the late 19th century into the early 20th century.

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