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I contacted Ranier Maningding, the innovator behind the wildly popular blog The Love Life of an Asian Guy, and he described in detail the bullying that he's experienced as a result of being an Asian-American male, and how he's overcome it.He said that during his early years the bullying centered around his racial and cultural differences.From an early age, he was told he needed to marry a Korean woman. “I didn’t necessarily say to myself, I wouldn’t marry a Korean-American woman, but I definitely thought, there’s no way I am going to marry a woman straight from Korea,” he said. Le thinks at least part of this is due to pervasive cultural stereotypes.

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I can’t speak for every international couple, nor am I trying to generalize every Japanese man.

But in any case, I hope that you’ll find this information to be interesting and useful. We exchanged messages for a short while before meeting in person for the first time. Other Japanese/non-Japanese expat gay relationships I know of have started similarly.

“In crunching the numbers, they found on an aggregate level, Latino men have to make something like $70,000 more than a comparable white man for a white woman to be open to dating them,” he said, adding for African-American men, that figure is closer to $120,000. It’s $250,000 more than a comparable white male would make.

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If you’ve read my post Expat and Gay in Japan: An Introduction, you’ll remember that there are two main ways that gay men meet in Japan: at bars or online. It’s a sign of the times, as LGBT people often do not live openly here.

If you’re in Japan, the easiest way to access the gay world is by using a smartphone application.

Please email me if you have some insight into this.

But I do know that it is high time that we end bullying against and stereotyping of Asian-American men and start celebrating them!

As the title implies, I’ll be writing about what it’s like being in a gay relationship and dating a Japanese guy.

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