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If you're thinking of applying for a mortgage, loan or any other form of credit first look at these all-too-easy mistakes you could make that could damage your file and result in rejection.

Errors on your credit file could mean you are repeatedly rejected for a loan, mortgage or credit card.

It turned out that another Joanne Smith held a mortgage with Nationwide Building Society, and both Miss Smith and her partner had a number of debts against their name.

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Only accounts in good standing will be eligible to receive upgrades and benefits, returns/refunds will be deducted to calculate net spend.

Buckle Credit Card accounts are issued by Comenity Bank.

B-Rewards: The B-Rewards program is provided by Buckle, who may change the terms at any time.

For full rewards terms and conditions see

BONUS POINTS DAY: Cannot fall during an existing Cardholder bonus point event.

ANNUAL THANK YOU GIFT: Must be an EXCLUSIVE cardholder at time of issue.

I’m not saying a woman should start paying right out of the gate (unless, of course, you ask him out), but once a man has made his level of interest clear, and has been consistent with his intentions, then it’s time for you to step up. Because it’s considerate: At least offering to pay shows a guy that you are not “on the take.” If you are thoughtful about his financial situation now, then you will be even more considerate as the relationship progresses.

Many men won’t accept the offer, especially not in the beginning, but it’s an honorable gesture.

We will not accept a return or exchange if requested more than 90 days after the purchase.

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