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In a bid to encounter the threat of extremely affordable Jio 4G data plans and to better the offer provided by the leading telecom operators on their 4G offerings, BSNL has announced truly unlimited 3G data plan at Rs. It is worth noting that this plan doesn’t come with any FUP whatsoever and the subscribers would be able to consume as much as data they want without any reduction in speed.

BSNL has also doubled the data usage in many existing plans too.

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After making a lot of Google search, I found that Whats App has been blocked on BSNL.

From now, BSNL users will not be able to use Whats App directly. You can use VPN to access Whats App on your smartphone.

MTNL users, if the usage server is down, Data Fox will not be able to fetch any usage records. Data Fox will allow you to choose one of six months as this is the extent of the records available online.

In case data for a month does not exists (say, if you have only been using Data One for three months) then Data Fox will display an error message when trying to fetch the usage info.

but till now not yet 3g make connection from j.chandrakumar,korattur chennai 80 I got setting through SMS in Nokia E72, having activated 3g SIM card but could not surf in 3G mode. I contacted cellone customer care several times but their suggestion failed to give any result. I tried by pairing the device and make a dial up connection .. But internet connectivity not succeeded in laptop, whereas I get internet connection in mobile handset. They asked me to send a message typing the mobile make and model number to 58355. i just purchased HTC wildfire s A510e .i want BSNL 3g Settings.i called BSNL care 50 times , but they dont know 1st day H is appeared but then after 2 days E is appeared and nothing happens . hi guys m having n97 mini i purchased a bsnl sim and had recharged rs 120 as retailer said so as to activate 3g services but m not able to get video call and not got sms still does n97mini can be used to videocalll or there tecnical problem or seeting????

Iphone gprs and mms settings for bsnl cellone APN =gprssouth.Username=ppp Pass= ppp123 APN=mmssouth.Username=919xxxxxxxxx Password=mmsc Mmsc= Mmsc proxy= mms max message size = blank mms ua pro furl= I tried the bsnl APN settings as shown above but when I connect to the browser it keeps saying that "This is a Wi-Fi service. It is asking for USer name , password and the phone number .... Hi, I tried to connect internet in my Laptop by using Samsung B5310 mobile handset in BSNL 3G network. But I received the message showing"format not correct". They asked my number and directly I received the settings . well i called BSNL customer care and they send me the setting and i saved that. I had Send ACT 3G to 53733 but still i have not Get any confirmation from bsnl. APN is also tried with bsnlnet & bsnllive.please help me Hi! the speed is awesome and able to watch videos on You Tube. [pls help m dam intrested in video callings (especially wid ma gf); D hi i m using funny A88 mobile phone but unable to use net iwith 3g can anybody tell the settings of this phone phone has dual camera and the facilities which is required by 3g plans but i m unable to use it.thnks recently i got this 3G shim frombsnl as gift for my land line i dont have the 3g cell i want use it in my existing NOKIA 5300AND ORION 981 I SUPPOSE I CAN USE IT FORALL OTHER APPLICATION EXCEPT VIDEO IS IT CORRECT IF SO KINDLY GIVE TIPS REGARDING THE ACTIVATION IN ORION 981 THERE IS FACILITY FOR ANALOG TV WHICH CAN BE USED FOR IPTV Hi, I've an iphone where the APN is BSNLNET and MMS settings are as shown below.

While the auction of 3G spectrum is still to happen for private telecommunication players in India, state owned telecom operator BSNL is slowly rolling out their 3G services across cities and towns across the country. received sms that - the terminal cannot be configured remotely,pls ctc cutomer care,but whem called its showing holding time 45 mins.....

If you are from the lucky few cities and towns where BSNL 3G service is available here are all the information you will need to get started with 3G internet on your supported devices. can any pls guide i am unable to get 3G on my mbl,its 3g sim card,earlier i was using on dongal it was working fine..

I use a BSNL internet connection and I also found that the official site of Whats App, working here though some sites verifies that the site is up.

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