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Traditionally, marriages have been arranged through matchmakers, in order to reduce the discomfort and spare the feelings of the two people involved.

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And I have even helped many through the more peaceful and amicable process of divorce mediation, which can save everyone a great deal of time, stress and money. You also want to be able to devote your time and attention to your divorce, because the decisions you make during this time will affect you for years to come.

In light of these experiences, here's my compassionate and informed advice if you're thinking about jumping back into the dating scene, and perhaps even if you hear wedding bells ringing in your near future: • If you've started your divorce process, honestly evaluate how your separation or divorce is going. Further, consider how your spouse may react when he or she finds out you're dating.

While entering adolescence, a time when, let’s be honest, I wasn’t garnering much attention from the opposite sex, I was given lessons on how to pick out a soulmate.

It helped shed some light on the root of my ideas about relationships.

Assimilation has been the biggest cause of loss to the Jewish population in America.

Intermarriage, along with the movement away from Jewish education, has resulted in Jewish people who are unaffiliated and who are not connected to our traditions. In a Jewish family, the Jewish mother is central to passing along the traditions.

They work with each other rather than fight against each other, and possess an unconditional love for their children and grandchildren.

If soulmates exist, they would be the picture of it.

Presuming too much intimacy, by Richard Cohen A Jewish Valentine’s Day: Love is the Ultimate Mitzvah, by Rabbi Benjamin Blech Is it OK to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, or is it Against Judaism?

by Rabbi Yirmiyahu Ullman Valentine’s Day, Every Day by Mrs.

One repair is for every Jew to have in mind to marry another Jew and to raise the children with a Jewish education, in a Jewish home. For this reason, a Jewish mother is exempt from all time bound commandments, so that she can place her children's needs first.

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