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Also note that 1), some of these tools are kind of complicated if you aren’t tech savvy; and 2), many require 2-way encryption to work (so both you and the person you’re communicating with would have to have it installed).A good starting place if you’re a Firefox user is our collection of simple-to-use privacy add-ons.

Typically, when the camera is on a little light is also set off.

But, in a newly discovered workaround, this light can be deactivated -- meaning unsuspecting victims have no clue they're being watched.

My little sister Laura lives next door on a piece of the original property as well. For years, my dream has been to find a way to make a living, sharing the farm, and my goofy animals.

But we all know how life works, and somehow I always ended up somewhere else, doing something else.

However, a close friend of the supermodel told Mail Online Christie had not meant to cause any more ill-will with Cook and dredge up the past, revealing: 'Christie's intention was to try and help the hundred of woman who write to her asking for advice on their personal struggles with divorce.

The Sport's Illustrated favourite also informed her 35,000 Facebook followers that Alexa will perform her father Billy Joel's song Just the Way You Are for Gap's Back to Blue campaign on the Today Show Friday.

4) Children are required to have an adult, but adults are NOT required to have children!

________________________________________________________________ A bit about how all of this happened…… My name is Lois and I am the Great Granddaughter of Albert and Augusta Peterson, the original homesteaders.

That’s the big question in the wake of the NSA surveillance news that’s shaken the nation. There’s no way to block NSA surveillance completely. It’s important to remember that almost all surveillance starts with private companies.

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