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Among other things, Alexander has agreed to transfer certain investment accounts, real estate assets, insurance policies and other assets.

Among other things, Alexander also agreed to relinquish his counterclaims against the company.

Much of its funding came from Israeli government subsidies and tax credits provided to research and development for hi-tech firms.

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Founded in 1982, the company went public on the Nasdaq Stock Market in 1986.

Led by co-founder and CEO Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, the company originally specialized in centralized hardware/software systems for voice and fax messaging and sold them to telecommunications companies and other large enterprises.

He began his speech by praising Berklee students for their previous nights’ tribute to him and Shorter. In fact he tried to get it put into his passport as his work definition. I took classes, initially, after seeing the Little Richard band in a film with, at that time Britain’s foremost baritone jazz player Ronnie Ross. I found his number in the phone book and he very kindly took me on.

David Bowie, 1999 Berklee College of Music Commencement Address Thank you. [faking British customs officer voice] “Non-musician? But I quickly found that what was written as “be doo boo doobie doop ba doo bip …” That’s a George Redman composition, West Coast band, 60s you wouldn’t know about it.

He is also accused of money laundering after moving millions of dollars to personal accounts in his native Israel, as well as bribery and witness tampering for attempting to persuade the company's chief financial officer to take the fall for the scandal.

Comverse, a darling of Wall Street during the tech boom, pioneered the development of voicemail.

In between, he shared his wit and wisdom with 580 graduates and nearly 4,000 spectators at the Hynes Convention Center, and with permission from Berklee we have re-printed his entire lecture below. As always on occasions like this, I really never know what to do—which is pretty much the way that I’ve handled my career as a musician/writer.

Bowie, along with jazz innovator Wayne Shorter, accepted honorary doctorates that day and became doctors of music. I guess any list of advice I have to offer to a musician always ends with “If it itches, go and see a doctor.” Real world! My sometimes-collaborator Brian Eno described himself as a non-musician. I’m a bloody non-musician.” Anyway I’d describe myself, I think, as a bit of a non-musician.

The bulk of the derivative lawsuit settlement consists of the previously disclosed agreement of Comverse’s former CEO Kobi Alexander to pay Comverse million to be applied to the class action lawsuit settlement.

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