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Their conversations play out via a tele-type scroll made from free text-to-speech software with their characters portrayed by two CGI stock dolls resembling Lego characters with dapper tufts of plastic hair and well-placed fig leaves.The film starts in the middle and ends with the beginning.

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Lifelike dolls, artificial sex organs and sex-chat phone lines have been keeping the lonely company for decades.

But Roxxxy takes virtual companionship to a new level.

Powered by a computer under her soft silicone "skin," she employs voice-recognition and speech-synthesis software to answer questions and carry on conversations.

She even comes loaded with five distinct "personalities," from Frigid Farrah to Wild Wendy, that can be programmed to suit customers' preferences.

One spouse is dying to get horizontal and the other is running to stay vertical.

They both know that sex is a problem, yet have never had a sane discussion about it.Opening scenes have Stark and her sexcam partner, Marcello, talking dirty.Their sexless bodies, flat faces and computer-generated voices temper the raunchiness of their otherwise masturbatory conversation.And she'll have sex whenever you please -- as long as her battery doesn't run out.Meet Roxxxy, who may be the world's most sophisticated talking female sex robot. "She doesn't vacuum or cook, but she does almost everything else," said her inventor, Douglas Hines, who unveiled Roxxxy last month at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.Here’s the first step to turn a near sexless marriage into a marriage having satisfying sexual and emotional intimacy.

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