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This article explains various reasons why Firefox may make a connection to the Internet and how you can stop it from doing so, if you wish.

Firefox may be updating its blocklist, which is used to block malicious extensions, vulnerable plugins, revoked certificates and graphics drivers known to cause crashes.

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For more information, see Blocklisting (Mozilla Wiki), Blocklisting/Graphics (Mozilla Wiki), the Revoking Intermediate Certificates: Introducing One CRL blog post and the article Add-ons that cause stability or security issues are put on a blocklist.

To disable this feature: Warning: Disabling the anti-malware protection is not recommended, as it will leave you vulnerable to malicious file downloads or untrustworthy websites that might try to infect you with a virus, trojan or spyware.

YCharts’ Investment Strategies generate constantly updating lists of stocks, generally only a few dozen per strategy per quarter.

For the individual stock picker, they offer a way to start with a manageable list of quantitatively selected companies.

We tested these discoveries using real historical data to see how they performed. Several quantitative investing strategies historically yielded portfolios of companies that have significantly outperformed the S&P 500 over long time horizons.

Keeping up with the nearly 20,000 companies traded on US Exchanges is a virtual impossibility.* Hence, determining which companies are worth an analysts’ time and attention is a necessity.

If you stay with the older version, Spell Check doesn't seem to work even if you turn it on in PC Settings, Typing, even though there is a link to this in Options. Ursa costs (after a month) while TS is free, but can be annoying as it works in other applications as well as skype.

Automatic background updates were introduced in Word Press 3.7 in an effort to promote better security, and to streamline the update experience overall.

I went ahead and uninstalled Skype (latest version 5) and manually removed (almost all) Skype entries from the registry. How can I configure Skype so that it won't update itself automatically on Windows 7? No amount of further blocking - by IP, Firewall, hosts file, Settings interface, etc. Should work But doesn't, though it remains disabled, stupid skype keeps asking me if I want to update!

Pity about that But the new (Dec 2014) version of skype does include spell checking by default.

Going forward, this will be one of the best ways to guarantee your site stays up to date and secure and, as such, disabling these updates is strongly discouraged.

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