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And even if I could get that to work I didn't have the space to copy all the images into one giant library and let i Photo sort it out. One problem was that the same picture would exist with different file names, probably due to being imported from devices into multiple different i Photo libraries or to being exported & then imported again in the aforementioned failed consolidation attempt.

We had about 25,000 photos in one library from a previous (unsuccessful) attempt at consolidating libraries.

We had two further libraries containing about 13,000 and 10,000 images each, and a fourth i Photo library on a separate machine, plus the aforementioned random grab-bag of directories full of images.

Basically, wait for the Relocate Lost Files button to turn off before continuing. After the Relocate Lost Files feature is finished and all the previously pink files are white (indicating a playable/found copy), eject your old external drives but leave the new “mega drive” connected. The library consolidation process should now be complete.

If successful, Scratch Live will have combined the library and crate information from each drive and consolidated everything onto the new “mega drive” within the _Serato_ folder.

Individual files will adopt the file name format based on the disc number, track number and the song title.

If you choose to prevent i Tunes from copying files to the i Tunes Media folder when adding items to your library, copying the entire i Tunes folder to an external drive won’t copy the referenced media files that live outside of the i Tunes folder.

In the long run, you will have a higher overall debt balance if your spending behavior does not change.

This explains how I consolidated & de-duped about 45,000 pictures and movies from four i Photo libraries on two different machines and various directories full of images on USB drives into one 33,000 file library.

These loans are generally available from banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. As you can see, there are some important factors to consider.

If you are struggling with high credit card debt, you must first strive to change your spending habits and learn to always live within your means.

It makes no sense to consider a debt consolidation loan if you will be continuing to incur monthly balances on your credit cards.

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