Consolidating windows domains

You'll then be able to switch between teams from this menu.

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If you're just looking to add guest users or work together across company boundaries, consider external messaging or external networks instead of migrating.

It is critical to communicate major network changes such as migration early to all users - —so that users can be prepared and can start using and benefitting from these changes.

In other words, you want to consolidate the subsidiary networks.

You can do this by migrating the subsidiary networks into your parent network. wants to keep the pharmaceutical employees in their own network but wants to move employees from Contoso_to would migrate the users from the Contoso_subsidiary to the parent network.

You can migrate one or more Yammer networks with their own email domains ("subsidiary" networks) to a larger Yammer Enterprise network ("parent" network).

The subsidiary networks can be either Yammer Basic or Yammer Enterprise, but the parent network must be enterprise activated.

When used with DFS replication, IT can provide users access to local copies of their data in different geographical locations without needing to pull data across expensive wide-area networks.

DFS replication is an optional feature, and in this article I want to concentrate only on the namespace aspect of the equation.

The folders that contain the data to be accessed are known as , and even when they are located on the namespace server, they must be shared because DFS doesn’t differentiate between folder targets located on the namespace server or remote file servers.

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