Consolidating multiple itunes music folders

This is where your i Tunes media files would be stored when you import files into i Tunes.You could then click the "Change" button to set another directory.

Case 1: Move your i Tunes media to a new computer with the same operating system. Navigate to the "Edit" in the main menu and choose an "Prefences" option from drop-down list.

And switch to "Advanced" option and find i Tunes Media folder location.

If you try to merge two sets of DRM music from different i Tunes libraries, you should authorize i Tunes store libraries.

To merge them permanently in Mac OSX, I will demonstrate you how to fix this knotty problem. Make sure update two i Tunes libraries with i Tunes 9 or later and maintain compatibility with the same version. Keep content in the same relative path on the new computer.

that the duplicate music is going to be identical, then you can use a duplicate file finder to eliminate the duplicates.

Once that's done you can consolidate however you want.

Just copy sub folders from your Music folder on one computer to the corresponding folder path on the other computer.

For Win 7, the i Tunes 11 Music folder's default path is C:\...\...\Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Media.

The problem arises when you have your music collection spread across multiple cloud services and lose track of which songs you have on which service.

If your music collection has spiraled out of control across the cloud, then it’s time to consolidate it.

A couple of people have asked me about "can i Tunes consolidate library" or "solutions on consolidating i Tunes libraries". In this post, we would like to show you how to consolidate i Tunes library with detailed steps.

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