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2,208 people actually completed our survey last week about online dating. Let us take you through it all, from profile picture, to email exchanges, to meeting and greeting. So here’s what our respondents had to say about dating men.

So, for starters this week, we’re looking at responses about online dating by people who date men. You too can avoid amateur profile mistakes like a professional.• “Don’t use ‘lol,’ ever.”• “I have always had a problem with emoticons.

Dating is complicated enough on its own; when you add in the confusion of online dating sites, it can be just plain intimidating. There is a technique to navigating the virtual playing field.

Not to mention effective: Each day, an average of 236 people who met on e get married. So, how do you go from logging on to finding your perfect match?

Here, everything you need to know to find love on the World Wide Web.1.

Your Profile Picture It can seem difficult to stand out in the vast sea of online daters; the best way to do so is by creating a great profile—and be sure to always include a photo.

We give you some useful tips and guidelines on how to ensure that you succeed in online dating, while navigating the deep seas of fake profiles and expensive websites.

You might find it a bit weird in the beginning to take the leap of creating a dating profile.

There used to be a time when men always used to meet women in a bar, or at a party – and they hooked up.

Gone are those days; now meeting the girl of your dreams is just a couple of clicks away.

Every person on the planet likes Thai food.”Give good profile and better email.• “E-mail etiquette is important….

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