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As you acquire these skills, you'll discover that developing your communication skills is as much about improving the quality of your relationships as it is about expressing yourself.

Success in business often depends on your ability to be tactful is to get the right message to the right people, in the right way.

In person communication is imperative to exploring any potential connection, but since texting is not going to disappear any time soon, dating in the digital age is something that singles have to learn to contend with.

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If there are certain situations that continually cause problems between you and your friend, change the way you communicate.

We can get all too used to using email or Facebook, for example, instead of just picking up the phone and leaving a message.

There was intimacy in this process because communication was direct, respectful, and responsive.

Today, technological advances have given us so many more options for quick non-committal communication.

We can text and email dozens of people in a matter of minutes, all while going about our day as usual.

This is undoubtedly a convenient new technology, but as a matchmaker I often find these advances have made people feel very detached from each other, and dating has lost the sense of intimacy and reliability that it once had.

Colt is one of our writers who contributed to the site a while back, with the 'Student of the Game' series and the 'Social Skills 101' series.

Colt's roughly intermediate in his skills with women - he's still learning, but he's having success and taking new and pretty girls to bed - and he's focused on helping guys who are new to working on themselves and their dating skill sets to get in gear.

But I would guess that the true number of people who are at least somewhat introverted (say, people who qualify as ambiverts - those who switch back and forth between introvert and extrovert) is actually much higher.

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