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Fernando Colunga has always been discreet about his personal life. Colunga's sexuality has always been cause of speculation as he keeps mum of his private life. The last woman that he was linked to was Blanca Soto, when they both starred in "Porque El Amor Manda." They both have not been seen publicly together, nor have ever acknowledged a relationship.

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He had a Facebook profile under his real name which showed him with his girlfriend in Budapest. BTW: he identifies as straight though he has done dozens of gay porn films and more often was the bottom.

R3 as far as I know, he still has a Facebook profile, and is still offering his services through Gay Romeo.

This week "Suelta La Sopa" caught Colunga and Soto kissing.

In a video release on the Telemundo gossip show Colunga is seen wearing sweatpants and getting off the vehicle at the airport in Miami.

They had an open relationship and I seem to remember that they were both bisexual. He used to be very, very hot (I must have jerked off to his pics hundreds of times) but he's been looking a little rough in the last couple of years.

The popular Mexican Actor Fernando Colunga won the heart of his fans with his natural acting skills and excellent in his body posture and presentation that made him with the great earning of the net worth and his absolute income.

He has built the country's tallest building, shopping malls, industrial and residential subdivisions and facilities.

He is a former Secretary of the Department of Public Works and Highways.

From his passion of building structures, he now prides himself as a builder of character. THE HONORABLE SECRETARY BAYANI "BF" FERNANDO "Bilang isang namumuno Hindi ako maaring makiiyak sa mahihirap sapagkat kung bulag din ang aking mata.

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