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To decide what makes an idea great, we went with popularity – at the time of writing, every date idea mentioned scored an average of 4 stars or higher when its rankings on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google Maps were averaged.

You'll also see read receipts when the other person has already seen your messages.

That way, you won't have to waste time waiting for responses that'll never come.

One of America's oldest major coffee companies, LION Coffee roared into life in 1864 in Toledo, Ohio.

In 1979, LION moved to Hawaii to focus on the only beans grown in America.

It also appears that they are submitting fake reviews to this site, such a low company.

Enter dating in 2016: a series of swipes and digital nods to one another.

The habit is one of the most prevalent issues with services like this, and in an effort to combat the problem, dating apps are turning more and more like the older dating sites they replaced.

Coffee Meets Bagel is but the latest one to launch a premium option -- its rivals, including Tinder, also offer similar tiers of their own.

Today, our cheery red bags emblazoned with "the cup that cheers! When you drink LION Coffee, you are enjoying over a century of wisdom in every roast.

Royal Kona Coffee has a rich history dating back to the days before the world knew about Kona.

Seems a case of not being able to deliver on a promise at a high price.

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