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ABC Classification: Classification of a group of items in decreasing order of annual dollar volume or other criteria.

This array is then split into three classes called A, B, and C.

Introduces the basic financial accounting concepts of the complete accounting cycle and provides the student with the necessary skills to maintain a set of books for a sole proprietorship.

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The study of old packages is an important aspect of archaeology.

The earliest recorded use of paper for packaging dates back to 1035, when a Persian traveler visiting markets in Cairo noted that vegetables, spices and hardware were wrapped in paper for the customers after they were sold.

In many countries it is fully integrated into government, business, institutional, industrial, and personal use.

Package labeling (American English) or labelling (British English) is any written, electronic, or graphic communication on the package or on a separate but associated label.

Alany, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, Ocular Drug Delivery; Microemulsions as Drug Delivery Systems Monique Alric, Universit e d Auvergne, Clermont - Ferrand, France, Recombinant Saccharomyces Cerevisiae as New Drug Delivery System to Gut: In Vitro Validation and Oral Formulation Sacide Alsoy Altinkaya, Izmir Institute of Technology, Urla - Izmir, Turkey, Controlled Release of Drugs from Tablet Coatings Maria Helena Amaral, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal, Vaginal Drug Delivery Anil Kumar Anal, Living Cell Technologies (Global) Limited, Auckland, New Zealand, Controlled - Release Dosage Forms Gavin Andrews, Queen s University Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Effects of Grinding in Pharmaceutical Tablet Production Sophia G. Emsam is a matrix - type patch that has three layers and is available in three size. In general, systemic drug absorption requires three steps: drug release from the delivery system, drug dissolution in the vaginal fl uid, and permeation of the vaginal mucosa. Properties that can be exploited to provide novel and unique properties to materials include surface and quantum effects, for example, van der Waals forces; electrostatic interaction; ionic, covalent and hydrogen bonding; and quantum confi nement.

Gad Consulting Services Cary, North Carolina CONTRIBUTORS Susanna Abrahms e n - Alami, Astra Zeneca R & D Lund, Lund, Sweden, Oral Extended - Release Formulations James Agalloco, Agalloco & Associates, Belle Mead, New Jersey, Sterile Product Manufacturing Fakhrul Ahsan, Texas Tech University, Amarillo, Texas, Nasal Delivery of Peptide and Nonpeptide Drugs James Akers, Akers Kennedy & Associates, Kansas City, Missouri, Sterile Product Manufacturing Raid G. Selegiline is an irreversible monoamine oxidase inhibitor and has a molecular weight of 187.30. - estradiol (Figure 3 ), arecoline, arecaidine, and vasopressin, than colonic or small intestinal mucosa, or at least as permeable as when compared to human buccal mucosa [46, 47] . ( 2002 ), Macrophages and HIV infection: Therapeutical approaches toward this strategic virus reservoir , Antivir. Ability to control or manipulate at the atomic scale Nanotechnology is therefore essentially about understanding and manipulating materials at the atomic, molecular, and macromolecular level in a way that imparts properties to the material that would otherwise not exist either as individual atoms or as bulk processed macroscopic systems.

Carl, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, Biotechnology - Derived Drug Product Development; Regulatory Considerations in Approval of Follow - On Protein Drug Products Sudhir S. Chemical Penetration Enhancers Many approaches that have been investigated over the last several decades enhance the permeation of compounds across the skin using novel chemical compounds [29] . Lipophilic substances are absorbed through the GENERAL FEATURES OF VAGINAL DRUG DELIVERY 819 820 VAGINAL DRUG DELIVERY intracellular (or transcellular) pathway, whereas hydrophilic substances are absorbed through the intercellular (or paracellular) pathway or across aqueous pores present in the vaginal mucosa [49] . ( 2007 ), Effect of temperature on the state of the self - assembled nanoparticles prepared from an amphiphilic lipid derivative of acyclovir , Coll. The pharmaceutical industry is primarily involved in the application of nanomaterials rather than the discovery and development of new materials, though as this chapter will indicate, there are often areas of overlap between what is a new material and a construct of a novel material.

Chakravarthi, University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Pharmacy, Omaha, Nebraska, Biodegradable Nanoparticles D. Chowdhury, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom, Pharmaceutical Nanosystems: Manufacture, Characterization, and Safety Barbara R. ( 2003 ), Nasal drug delivery Possibilities, problems and solutions , J. These permeation enhancers are compounds which partition into the stratum corneum and promote the passage of topically applied compounds across the skin layers by using three possible mechanisms of action (Table 5 ). ( 2005 ), Nicotine exposure and decontamination on tobacco harvesters hands , Ann. Also, receptor - mediated transport mechanisms can be involved in the absorption of some substances. 7.3.2 TAXONOMY OF NANOMEDICINE TECHNOLOGIES A useful starting point would be to gauge the breadth of technologies falling under the classifi cation of nanomedicine. Novel composite core - shell nanoparticles as busulfan carriers , J.

Topics include: company creation (service and merchandising), chart of accounts, customers transactions, vendors transactions, banking activities, merchandise inventory, employees and payroll, and financial reports.

Laboratory work includes theoretical and technical application.

This course covers the knowledge and skills to use spreadsheet software through course demonstrations, laboratory exercises and projects.

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