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- By Johann Karpp What do you get when you have a Mad Scientist, an artistic roommate, a nerd, a wish-granting naga from another world, and a cat-headed girl who is immune to everything science and magic living in the same building?

The winner will get an A4 ink and watercolour picture of the SK/Kaspall character of their choice. From then on, I'll put up the entries as seems sensible at the time - i.e.

I might keep one or two back for later on the hiatus ...

My head keeps exploding from how brilliant this is. It occurs to me that many of my Overlooked Manga choices thus far have been a bit intimidating in length.

I mean, you've got Basara (27 volumes, with 20 available in English so far), Please Save My Earth (21 volumes, 18 out in English), and Eroica (only six volumes in English so far, but in Japan it's 26 and counting).

Two people from our world are transported by an accident during a physics experiment to an alternate world where humans don't exist, becoming centaurs in the process.

Other transformations occur as the story progresses.

org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic Recs/Neon Genesis Evangelion - http : // tvtropes .

org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic Recs/Misfile Half Life: Misery Loves Company - http : // tvtropes .

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It's called The Neddiad, there are five chapters up so far, and it's really good.

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