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It is typically made by combining meat or bone stock with sautéed vegetables, which – as well as beetroots – usually include cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes and tomatoes.

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Alcon picked up the rights in 2013 and set the project up with Kerner Entertainment Cos.

topper Jordan Kerner along with Alcon toppers Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove.

Borscht derives from an ancient soup originally cooked from pickled stems, leaves and umbels of common hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium), a herbaceous plant growing in damp meadows, which lent the dish its Slavic name.

With time, it evolved into a diverse array of tart soups, among which the beet-based red borscht has become the most popular.

It is often served with smetana or sour cream, hard-boiled eggs or potatoes, but there exists an ample choice of more involved garnishes and side dishes, such as , that can be served with the soup.

Its popularity has spread throughout Eastern Europe and the former Russian Empire, and – by way of migration – to other continents.

He guards the general area where his hens are nesting, and attacks other roosters that enter his territory.

During the daytime, a rooster often sits on a high perch, usually 0.9 to 1.5 m (3 to 5 feet) off the ground, to serve as a lookout for his group (hence the term "rooster").

The series of inspirational tales has sold more than 100 million books to date in the U. and Canada, with almost 250 titles in print and translations into more than 40 languages.

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