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With the views column, you can see how many people visit each site (it gets updated daily) and you can even leave your own vote for sites by clicking on the star rating.This website is a horrible thing for children (and everyone else). I have a friend that came across a couple having oral sex. " She responded, bluntly, "Masturbation." This is not a site you want your kids on. All of the people we met were guys, mainly cause the girls would all next us. I've never been on this site before but I have seen pictures of chatting with random people that say stuff like "show me your tits" and "want to see my b00bs." I also found another picture with a girl and a dude made out of paper. Even if you rate it 18 and over, it's still not.good. A mentally retarded man should know not to get on this crap, this site is a joke.

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Hi everybody, I've been on chatroulette for a little while...

lots of potential there, but lots of scammers too...

So in this thread, you'll get only the original stuff.

For these, I have been able to check that the people you'll see were really live on their cams.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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