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We offer a variety of solutions: from embedded deep packet inspection (DPI) software to turnkey traffic analytics solutions based on the core technology of our company.

The software we supply to our customers provides the highest performance available on the market.

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity now provides a critical IT security solution for secure Modbus protocol communication that protects the Industrial Internet of Things (IIo T) against cyberattacks and espionage.

The “Internet of Things” (Io T) or “Industry 4.0” allows companies in the manufacturing industry to make enormous innovative and productive leaps.

The mission escalates into a brutal and violent rout, where August is desperately trying to protect the only precious thing in his life, Mia, why he is forced to make a fatal decision. don't watch it, if you're not down with that.

Having said that and seeing that I only gave it 4 stars, one could be excused to say, that I like my movies PC.

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity and Arkessa, a leading M2M managed services provider, launch a joint multi-level Io T platform solution that meets today’s challenges of enterprises’ Io T operations.

The solution unlocks the full potential of a connected environment and enables customers to manage the security and connectivity of all Io T operations with a single platform.

She leaves behind her 5-year old daughter Mia, whom August feels obliged to take care of.

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