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It’s the conversation parents have to have; but talking to your son about sex can be both difficult and embarrassing. In this exclusive book extract, Dr Tim Hawkes reveals how you can navigate your way with ease.

Teenage sex can be a social and emotional minefield for boys, so it is essential that parents ensure they are well prepared.

I didn’t really understand what he meant, but het explained me that in that way we could share a hotelroom as we were going to Luxor. We planned to stay in Holland for several years to earn some money and then move to Egypt. After he had lived here for more than six months, he thought that renting a house, was a waste of money and he suggested we should buy a house.

Later on we could get married in the official way, I agreed. All this with the money I had from an inheritance and a small loan.

by Boyd, 27 I’m going start today where I’m going to finish and that’s with a few quotes. Until I realized it was given when the Israelites were facing their biggest challenges; things that they literally couldn’t see ever working out in their favour. I will finish this.” I know that many of us are in that place – staring at the mountain with its peaks, razor sharp rocks and snow, after we’ve just trudged through the desert.

These quotes are not my own and, in fact, anything you read from me today that sounds cool and catchy came from somewhere else. Some of us have been there for years, and God is saying, “let’s go!

Before we went back home he asked for my address and telephonenumber. Two days later he called me and told me that he missed me so much, he was sick because of it. I stayed in the same hotel as before and he was there as well. I fell in love, it was a beautiful holiday and he made me feel like a real woman. This gave me the impression that he was honest and really loved me.

We agreed, that when I would come the next time, we would go visit his parents in Luxor.

Little boys wear blue, play with trucks, like rough sports and of course, boys don’t cry.

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