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Mary Elizabeth Ellis portrays The Waitress on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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His mother and father were piano and English teachers in Rhode Island.

After growing up in Rhode Island, he moved to Massachusetts for college.

He eventually befriended Glenn Howerton and Rob Mc Elhenney and the three eventually created It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

His role of Charlie Kelly has garnered him some fame and is becoming a rising star in Hollywood.

The Waitress has often worked a number of side jobs to make extra money: first as a manager of a corporate pub , later as a booth manager at a local fair and most recently delivering food. The Waitress is a recurring character, appearing in every season.

She is portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Ellis, ironically Charlie Day's real life Wife.

The location that’s used for the bar’s exterior is the Starkman Building in Los Angeles — it’s at 544 Mateo Street, but don’t expect to get a beer there.4. Paddy’s may not be real, but creator Rob Mc Elhenney (who plays Mac) opened a bar named Mac’s Tavern, located at 226 Market Street in Philadelphia, in 2010.

The scenes of Philadelphia were shot by the guys on a digital camera during a drive around the city, and the theme music is Heinz Kiessling’s "Temptation Sensation,” a public domain song.3. Sorry, folks — if you’re looking for Paddy’s in Philly, you’re not going to find it.

Although the pilot cost less than 0 to make, the actual show’s opening credits are even cheaper.

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