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Along with another kat, Chance Furlong I think the name is. "He hugs me tightly I respond to his greeting "I've been doing great, how about you?

My catch-all entry for SWAT Kat shorts and drabbles, featuring various characters and a variety of genres.

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Commander Feral begins dating wealthy heiress Katrina Moorkroft, who Felina suspects is an evil succubus slowly draining her uncle’s life away.

Mark Lungo was kind enough to send Kooshmeister a copy of Glenn Leopold’s script for ” (a name never mentioned once in the story).

He stared out one of the windows of her hovercraft.

They had shared a long, searing and passionate kiss a few hours ago. T-Bone was dressed sharp as her new Flight Commander.

Author has written 191 stories for SWAT Kats, Top Cat, Harry Potter, Dresden Files, Loonatics Unleashed, CSI, A-Team, Tale Spin, Eureka, Misc.

Tv Shows, X-Men, Book X-overs, Criminal Minds, and Fantastic Four. As many can tell from reading my work, my favorite character is Commander Ulysses Feral from the show SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron.Previously titled "This, That, and Some of These" on FFN. During one of Wrestle Rock 86's more inexplicable matches Scott and Curt decide to find some better ways to spend their time. And his obedient slut in exchange for Shawn pushing his career. So…” and for a moment it seems like Shawn hesitates, as if he doubts his next words, but then he continues in is usual self-assured Texan accent, “Why don’t you just get off his clothes?(Curt's dad being otherwise occupied during said match being an obvious bonus.) It's February 1997. But The Heart Break Kid didn't get his nickname for nothing. ” In a parallel dimension within the Swat Kats universe, in which our heroes are considerably less intelligent, the delinquent, dim-witted duo is called in to save the city from attack. A strange visitor from another world arrives in Megakat City. A frail auburn meets a yellow-furred hothead, beginning an bond that becomes pivotal for the rest of their lives.compete in a around-the-world race for a chance at one million dollars?It's nothing but carnage, mayhem, destruction and a whole lot of vomit-inducing action on a super-sized crossover of Total Drama's Ridonculous Race!Felina and Callie are back for the last story in the Lioness trilogy.

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