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Membri ai orchestrei filarmonice locale acompaniază copii.

Taberele organizate de Music Camp la Iaşi au dobândit, în mod evident, un rol de frunte între celellalte tabere urbane pe care le organizăm.

Although King Michael's reign saw the rise of a pro-Nazi government in the country, it was the king who organized the overthrow of the fascist regime.

He later sought to remain in Romania as the Soviet Union orchestrated the rise to power of a Communist regime there, but abdicated when the new Romanian Communist authorities threatened to execute 1,000 Romanians if he did not do so.

It is also not a secret that Cherkassy is a city full of beautiful girls!

This fact attracts lots of people searching for love and happiness in private life.

The history of Cherkassy is rich in amazing legendary events that took place on the entire territory of Cherkasky Region.

It beckons many tourists from all over the world to visit our remarkable city.

Today Cherkassy is a modern city with hospitable sincere people, who keep wonderful Ukrainian traditions. It was founded by Cossacks, who lived in these places during the 16-17th centuries. Visitors have a great opportunity to observe the city in excursions and tours.

2014 – 2015 2012 – 2013 2010 – 2011 2007 – 2009 Music Camp International pătrunde în multe oraşe atât în România cât şi în Ucraina ca să lucreze cu toţii copiii indiferent de statutul social sau fondul muzical.

A German plan to occupy Vichy France had been drawn up in December 1940 under the codename of Operation Attila and soon came to be considered as an operation with Operation Camellia, the plan to occupy Corsica.

Operation Anton updated the original Operation Attila, including different German units and adding Italian involvement.

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