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“The government and the companies had decided that the future development of second stage industry was going to happen there, using our feedstock. I had authority to approve all shipments eastward, and all those documents just piled up on my desk, because I didn’t sign. products going to the rest of Canada pass through Alberta. They invite retaliation against shipments of wine, lumber and scores of other products. C.’s main vulnerability is oil and gas, the very industry Weaver and Horgan want us to blithely leave behind. The producers and pipeline companies would not like shipping restrictions. But the earlier grudges faded when Lougheed’s actions turned out to be in their long-term interests.

“The next thing we knew, Bill Davis (the Ontario premier) was phoning Peter and saying, ‘Hey, we have to come and see you, because we’re out of gas here.’” The Lougheed PCs also won a Supreme Court ruling against a federal export tax slapped on oil and gas shipped to the U. Currently, the export permit system is handled by the Alberta Energy Regulator and applies to natural gas. Kinder Morgan is the only Canadian pipeline that transports “batches” of petroleum products — crude one day, gasoline the next, maybe bitumen after that. The Alberta NDP is so far saying nothing about retaliation. C.’s weak underbelly in the fight against the pipeline expansion, ironically, is its very reliance on Alberta oil and gas.

In a separate operation, the company pipes jet fuel to Vancouver Airport.

Green Leader Andrew Weaver says Alberta should “get with the program” and move away from oil and gas. The first step would be to stop shipments through the existing Kinder Morgan pipeline to the B. Kinder Morgan is also a major supplier of gasoline to Kamloops and the wider interior.

Former PC premier Peter Lougheed once cut the volume of crude oil sent to eastern refineries, as part of his epic battle with Ottawa over control of the industry.

Energy Minister Don Getty, later the premier, stopped signing permits for natural gas going down the pipeline to Ontario refineries.

It was a protest against federal policy that discouraged refining in Alberta.

“What really bothered us were the petrochemical plants in Sarnia,” Getty told me in 2011, recalling the episode with delight. NDP and Greens show no respect for the new Canadian Free Trade Agreement. northeast routinely send their product to Fort Saskatchewan for processing, and then bring it back for sale. We’re getting with the program here — maybe we should stop it.

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