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We should all wants to be pure and to save sex for marriage as God designed it. As a married man, I recently told a female neighbor that I could not take her to the gym because I would not drive alone with a woman who was not my wife or a close family member. Too many women are told that men are visual and they must not be stumbling blocks to men. We could think of the way the Muslim culture treats women. There’s also the idea of how you need to avoid physical affection of any kind and heck, even having a crush can be a problem because you’re giving your heart to someone else.

” This is instead saying that we are going to put a bunch of other rules around ourselves to make sure we are staying pure. It would be foolish to throw caution to the wind and say “I’m going to do whatever I want around the opposite sex because I am committed to purity.” We should be aware of temptation and our weakness to it. Part of that could be that I grew up a man and was not aware of the way that women had to live their lives. The problem is when it becomes such a rule as if “This skirt must go this high.” Sometimes a bra strap might be seen coming out on a girl’s top or she could show some cleavage.

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