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He had said that it was “forced religiousness” and use of loudspeakers at religious places should stop.

Reacting to Sonu’s statement, a Kolkata Imam Syed Shah Atif Al-Qaderi said that he would give Rs 10 lakh to anyone who shaves Sonu Nigam’s head and garlands with him footwear.


And Moscow has no way of figuring out how that money is spent since the regime in Chechnya is absolutely opaque.

All the auditors can do is marvel at the palaces of the local elites and the impressive cortege of jeeps that hustles Kadyrov from place to place.

North Ossetia, though, was ahead of the curve -- about two years ago, the forward-looking republic already turned its president into a "head of the republic."One could view Kadyrov's move as another act of outward loyalty by a vassal to his lord.

It is possible that this manifestation of oriental courtesy was a result of the feudal anger of President Dmitry Medvedev, expressed to his envoy to the region Aleksandr Khloponin and the leadership of Daghestan concerning corruption in the North Caucasus and the lack of investment there.

The situation is no better in Kabardino-Balkaria or Ingushetia, both of which rely on the federal budget for 90 percent of their revenues and are crippled by primitive economies and low-level partisan conflict.

But Chechnya also doesn't have much to brag about -- except for a fragile peace and the ability to absorb regular donations of billions of rubles from the federal budget.

We speak with an imam, a pastor, a rabbi and LA’s archbishop.

Jihad Turk is an imam at the Islamic Center of Southern California, the largest and oldest mosque in Los Angeles.

“For the last few days since the election, I’ve been receiving a number of reports from across the country — and here locally in southern California – of kids being bullied, and of parents freaking out, what do I do to help my kids, to help protect them, to help them navigate the difficult situations they face in school with kids mimicking what they hear at home, not just picking on kids of color and immigrants saying ‘we’re gonna deport you,’ but calling Muslim kids terrorists and in many instances, the girls who happen to cover their hair, sometimes kids will pull their headscarf off.

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