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The Christmas ban is justified under the new laws - the punishment for celebrating Christmas is a fine of ,000 or up to five years in prison, or both.The ban has encountered some resistance - the social media campaign #My Treedom, which encourages Christians and other in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran to post images of themselves celebrating Christmas, includes several contributions from Brunei residents.

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The prayer ends, the screens flash twice and episodes from the first season of play for the duration.

In between episodes, a graphic pops onto the screen showing the layout of the plane, bisected by an arrow indicating the direction of Mecca.

The Sultan lives in the Istana Nurul Imam, also the seat of Brunei government (effectively the sultan and his family). The Istana is pictured here when the Sultan's daughter Princess Hajah Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah and her groom were presented to the royal court in 2012Prince Jefri gained notoriety for his harems of beautiful women, his flotilla of luxury yachts including a boat named 'Tits' and his alleged misappropriation of billions of dollars while he was finance minister.

Implementation of Sharia law was denounced by United Nations Commission on Human Rights and also is concerning to Western workers in the oil sector and the tens of thousands of ethnic Chinese Bruneians and 30,000 mostly Roman Catholic Filipino migrant workers living in Brunei.

No direct legislative elections have been held since 1962.

The unicameral Legislative Council has no political standing independent of the sultan.The picaresque escapades and legendary extravagances of the brothers are indulged with a collective wink.For everyone else residing within Brunei’s borders, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, freedoms are curtailed, and those limitations now are potentially enforced by brutal violence.Officials from the Ministry of Religious Affairs have also reportedly visited local businesses to ensure they are not displaying Christmas decorations, including Santa hats and banners with Christmas greetings.introduced the ban on Christmas in 2014, the same year Brunei adopted a stricter penal code, based on Islamic sharia and including punishments such as stoning and amputation.He explains that his family is Chinese Bruneian, the country's second-largest ethnic group -- about 10 percent, behind the 65 to 70 percent Muslim Malay majority.

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