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This led to Hogan starring in her own television series, Brooke Knows Best (2008–09).

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When they broke up then it was Hulk Hogan who made this announcement that they are breaking up their engagement!

Year Duration: In 2013 Brooke Hogan had few of the boyfriends in her life, she did engaged herself but broke her engagement too. She is not dating, now you have known about the Brooke Hogan new boyfriend 2015!

Later, her father Hulk revealed that he is the reason behind his daughter’s dissolved engagement. I don't know if Brooke was f*cking the black guy's son.

He said that he is a huge fan of Dallas Coyboys but he didn’t like the guy with whom his daughter was linked with, so he wouldn’t allow his daughter to marry someone that gets in his face. I mean, I'd rather if she was going to f*ck some n****r, I'd rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n****r worth a hundred million dollars! " Although Hogan broke her engagement with Phil in November 2013, she quickly moved on with a new guy.

Because they take a quick decision so after some little time span, it was then revealed that she had a breakup with him because she wanted to only focus on her music career.

So far it has now been revealed by any of the reliable and valid sources that why this couple had a break up and why they had a split just after some time of getting engaged!Now we can just review that who is Brooke Hogan new boyfriend 2015 and with whom she is dating?She started dating with him in May 2013 then she got engaged with him after one month of dating.In an attempt to promote her music career, Hogan and her father appeared in a one-hour special on VH1.The special proved to be a ratings success, leading to Hogan and her family starring in the reality television series Hogan Knows Best (2005–07).She hasn’t revealed the identity of her mysterious new lover.

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