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In honor of his new series Sex With Brody, we asked Buzz Feed writers, the community, and our friends for questions to present Jenner when he stopped by our New York headquarters.What in your opinion is the best place/thing to do on a first date? I know that sounds crazy but you don't want to go in too hard right off the bat and have this crazy elaborate romantic thing. Also probably someone who's only into themselves, and who only cares about you pleasing them.11. And how do you feel about the whole “rules” thing like waiting a few days after a date to text, etc. So you don't sound creepy — even though you're being creepy — brush it off with a smiley face, winky face.12. Something I didn't touch on earlier is having that person be your best friend in a relationship.25.

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"A man so great he needed two names." "The Hills'" resident bad boy, Justin "Bobby" Brescia is back -- and he's getting candid in a new interview with Complex magazine about his time on the MTV reality show and why is TV persona is nothing like who he is in real life.

The star didn't appear on the famed series until season three but he quickly left his mark on the show's fans. "We worked a lot, we had some moments, we spent a lot of time together.

What is a brand of strap-on that you can recommend to "my friend"? Um, one that's under 12 inches, otherwise I think you'll get what we call "blown out."18.

, which included your faves Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, and Heidi Montag.

Something where there's drinking going on, maybe you're with your friends. I guess I can be old-fashioned like that — you wanna break up with them. Well, I would say the smart thing to do would be to not talk anymore; that would be the right thing to do. I feel like girls are always fighting guys off at bars, always. You gotta play it cool and let it happen naturally. What would you say is your ultimate dating deal breaker? But if the chemistry is there and you're feeling it, she's feeling it, I say do it whenever feels right.13. Um, you know, to be honest I'm not a big fan of music or sounds. How many chances should you give someone until you realize that it’s probably not going to work out and you should just move on? After the first time if something happens you give them one chance. What’s the deal with exes who decide to randomly text you out of the blue every once in a while to “check in” and want to “catch up”?

I wouldn't go right in for the kill and go for the romance; I would wait a few dates for that.2. I'm not going to say that's what I've done before — I've definitely kept that whole "friends with benefits" thing... What's the best way to ask a dude to move in together? Usually girls don't really have to do anything except be there. I know a lot of people — even in this room — who don't get tested that often, so that's a good thing. I like the actual sound of sex itself so I don't really listen to music when I have sex.14. 'Cause if he's into you he's gonna want to hang out. Take a look back at his relationship history, and share whether you think it's time for Brody to finally consider looking for a lady who's marriage material. Lauren Conrad (October 2006): The two didn't have the lasting power that Brody/K-Cav did -- you can thank Jen Bunney for that.Bryana Holly (July - November 2013): His first relationship since his split with longtime love Avril Lavigne, Brody began dating the sexy surfer model last summer. Avril Lavigne (February 2010 - January 2012): Despite professing their love for each other with permanent ink, these two were little more than a temporary match made in Hollywood. Nonetheless, their short-lived relationship really Nicole Richie (Fall 2006): Brody and his childhood pal briefly dated after his split from Kristin. Kristin Cavallari (August 2005 - August 2006): The two were the very picture of young love, and later, friends with benefits on "The Hills" (or were they? K-Cav later admitted that her second relationship with Brody was more for show.Of course, you know that Spencer Pratt didn't arrive until the second season, when he started dating Heidi. In recent days, select cast members have been reflecting on the show and everything that's happened in the last decade. It's the last good memory I've ever had in a nightclub."Heidi and Lauren were pizza royalty.Spencer's got my vote for having the most interesting and honest quotes.] next to their table.' Brody was a hardcore prince at the time."His first dance with Heidi was pretty good. "Heidi and Lauren had this pizza spot they used to go to after the clubs.He stopped by just to say hi, but when the episode aired it gave a whole different portrayal of events.

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