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Bakala), Hotel Continental Brno Date: May 7-9 2010 AMV contest rules Number of visitors: 1300 Special guests: Yuji Nunokawa (Studio Pierrot) (report), Kunihiko Ryo (diary) Screenings list Gallery 1, Gallery 2 Animefest.

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It is presumed to be derived from the escutcheon of the aristocratic family of Tasovice.

jako vždy půjdeme po nové atraktivní trase - tentokrát k Netopýrovi- do Speleomuzea Vilémovice- Pojď s námi každou neděli na naši pravidelnou akci pro nezadané do 45 let včetně v Brně zdarma- seznamovací výlet - seznamku - zoznamku.

Through the centuries, the original agricultural community evolved into what is nowadays the biggest town and an important industrial center of the Brno-venkov district (Brno-rural district), with more than ten thousand inhabitants.

Kuřim is a municipality with extended powers, a member of National Network of Healthy Towns in the Czech Republic and a member of the Kuřimka Micro-region – a voluntary union of municipalities.

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Other traffic routes pass through the city, such as the Brno – Tišnov roadway and the railway line from Brno to Havlíčkův Brod.

The Brno – Tišnov railway line has been in operation since 1885.

The festival program offers a mix of contests (e.g.

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