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The commitment to each other has taught the importance of recognizing needs and priorities—and the newly widowed doesn’t want to compromise.On the other hand, a person who was not happy in the previous relationship tends to date and look for love more quickly. These widower and widows often think, “I want to know what love is before I die.” If you are widowed, however, your best strategy is to do what feels comfortable. Life is most definitely short, and most spouses or partners want the surviving person to be happy.

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The tendency for women generally to outlive men can compound this, since men in many societies marry women younger than themselves.

In some patriarchal societies, widows may maintain economic independence.

Randy said, “I was married to the one-and-only love of my life for 34 years and I lost her after she battled cancer for six years.

Although I am grateful for every year she was in my life, I do not want to go through that experience again.

A woman would carry on her spouse's business and be accorded certain rights, such as entering guilds.

More recently, widows of political figures have been among the first women elected to high office in many countries, such as Corazón Aquino or Isabel Martínez de Perón.

A friend gave me this card today “I’m There Inside Your Heart” “Right now I’m in a different place And though we seem apart, I’m closer than I ever was… I’m with you when you greet each day And while the sun shines bright, I’m there to share the sunsets too… I’m with you when the times are good, To share a laugh or two, And if a tear should start to fall…. And when that day arrives That we no longer are apart, I’ll smile and hold you close to me….

“Although I am physically alone, I am the man she lived with for forty-eight years, and she is very much a part of the person I have become in that time.” Robert Kirven (author of “A Book About Dying”) If you had known in advance that your spouse would die before you and how very devastating it would be, would you not have married him or her to avoid that pain? If I had never married him I wouldn’t have our precious children and grandchildren.

If I had never married him I would not have the memories I cherish.

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