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With song choices they are open to opinions and options.The coaches have given constructive criticism when needed and have been positive when needed.

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I felt Jessie would let me do what I want to do." has something special about it.

Max, who appeared in The King And I at the London Palladium in 2001 when he was ten and has also appeared in productions of Footloose and High School Musical, said his mother was ‘over the moon’ about his success so far.

During the semi-finals, Milner performed The Police's "Every Breath You Take"—though he was eliminated from the competition in favour of twenty-eight year old Bo Bruce.

They want our ideas."Warne added: "I think the bottom line is that on there has been so much talent.

Her father, David Brudenell-Bruce, the Earl of Cardigan, still lives there with his second wife and their baby girl Lady Sophie.

His split from Ros affected Bo so badly that she was cautioned for criminal damage in 2010 after slashing his car tyres and denting it with a pole.

‘He just said some s**t in the papers and I was hurt,’ she says. I don’t think I wrote, “W****r”, but something like, “Not cool, buddy.”’Bo last saw Danny, 34, on last year’s series of The Voice when she returned to do ‘a bloody awful medley’. ‘We didn’t cross paths until we were on camera then they edited it so there was a whole bit of us looking at each other.’ She rolls her eyes. I wasn’t thinking straight.’Her mum, Ros, who separated from Bo’s father nine years ago, died a month after the show ended. ‘After The Voice, after mum’s death, I wrote and released the album, did all the interviews. ‘It’s a bit like in a relationship where you think, “How come I didn’t get to dump you first?

‘It was like he was saying I was enjoying the attention I was getting and he was happy to go along with it because he wanted my single to do well. My mum was dying and I did have a connection with him, and he definitely did with me, but he wouldn’t own up to it.‘I felt humiliated when he seemed to be saying, “It was all made up for her career.” I thought, “What sort of human could do that when someone’s mum’s dying? ”’Bo, 29, is very resilient, though, having made it through a tumultuous childhood living ‘in the middle of a forest’ on a sprawling 4,500 acre estate in Wiltshire in a draughty old house that was falling to pieces.

El show está presentado por Holly Willoughby y Reggie Yates en BBC One.

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