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By default, the field names appear in the grid's column headers, and values are rendered in text labels.A default format is applied to non-string values and it can be changed.While we encourage you to investigate and take advantage of these improvements, it is important to note that we have made every effort to ensure existing Ext JS 4 MVC applications continue to function unmodified.

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All distributed applications must be scalable to some extent.

If a Web application is made open to anonymous users? providing a good, if not optimal, level of scalability is a sort of survival test.

ODBC provides a solution for having a complete interoperable application, as ODBC is the industry standard for accessing any database. The data provider is defined in the assembly and ships as a standard part of the 1.1 version of the framework. NET 1.0 can download the ODBC provider directly from Microsoft. Any processing performed on the data while in the Data Set can then be reconciled to the data source. This extends functionality without sacrificing performance.

Connector/ODBC, or My ODBC, is the My SQL ODBC Driver, and can be used in the .

You cannot undo the results of an update query, and making a backup helps make sure that you can reverse your changes if you change your mind.

When you need to update data from one table to another, consider the following rule: the data types for the source and destination fields must either match or be compatible.

Note: You cannot run an update query in a Web browser.

If you want to run an update query in an Access Web database, you must first open the database by using Access. If you are using an Access web app, you can use data macros to update or change existing data in a set of records.

Scalability is related to performance, but it can't be identified exclusively with that.

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