Beth holloway dating john ramsey

Now they are using a surrogate mother to have a baby. Here's how it works: E'Dena's grandmother, Jeannette Adair Bradshaw, is Morgan's first wife. We can't bring up Morgan and E'Dena without a nod to Woody and Soon-Yi.

While Phil and Pearl are well-aware of the public scrutiny, they claim not to mind, as Phil finds Pearl "gorgeous" and Pearl says that her grandson makes her feel sexually alive. He adopted Jeannette's biological daughter, Deena, who had E'Dena, and who in turn was raised by Morgan and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Myrna Colley. As the story goes, Mia Farrow adopted Soon-Yi while she was still involved with Woody.

Beth doesn't want to jump to any conclusions, so she immediately calls 911 and the Birmingham FBI office and tells whomever will listen that her daughter has been kidnapped.

This past Wednesday, CBS announced it would soon air a three-part documentary called “Case Closed: Jon Benet Ramsey,” which seeks to solve the 1996 murder of the 6-year-old pageant queen, found dead in her home the day after Christmas.

Also upcoming: Investigation Discovery’s “Jon Benet Ramsey: An American Murder Mystery,” Lifetime’s scripted TV movie “Who Killed Jon Benet? Phil special that promises to reveal “shocking, never-before-heard details.” You can also read all about it in this week’s six-page People magazine cover story, “Justice for Jon Benet?

“However you want to describe it,” Morris told Slate in January 2016, “the whodunit; the mystery of what really happened; the mystery of personality; of who people really, really are is powerfully represented when you have a crime standing in back of all of it.” Of course, the greatest true-crime story of the modern age is the O. Simpson case, with good reason: It was, and remains, about so much more than O. Two recent re-examinations, FX’s “American Crime Story: The People v. It’s a cold case about the sexual assault and murder of a 6-year-old girl in the wealthy suburb of Boulder, Colo., found dead in her family’s basement the day after Christmas — a case botched by inexperienced cops and shadowed by the suspected involvement of her parents, but one of limited social impact.

“Children are murdered every day,” says Harold Schechter, true-crime author and professor at Queens College. The Jon Benet case has a lot of the elements of the closed-room mystery: Everybody’s home, no apparent break-in.

Natalee Holloway is graduating with honors from the most white bread high school in Alabama. Natalee gets in a car with Joran and his suspiciously ethnic friends and she is never seen again.

The only reason for such a trip is to get as wasted as possible. And we're supposed to be surprised when something goes wrong? To avoid lawsuits, the direction is a little tricky here, but we're supposed to think that Joran is drugging Natalee.

You know Joran is a bad guy because he listens to rap music.

The next morning Natalee's mom, Beth, gets the phone call that Natalee didn't show up for her flight.

Of course, this is just my opinion, as I certainly have no proof, but I believe that Judge van de Sloot knows what happened to Natalie, and wants desperately to protect his son. HUGE smirk like the guy has revealed the Kennedy assassination conspiracy because he got a copy of a computer read out that proves BETH got to Aruba 4 hours before she said she did. "SO MANY PEOPLE KNOW, THIS PERSON KNOWS, THAT PERSON KNOWS" and "...they're so.... Minister this and that we told a year ago...shook their heads...blahblahblah...." [Damn! He's trying to draw credibility from the audience by telling the people to whom HE'S TELLING THIS BS STORY that "THEY" ARE RIGHT, IT'S TRUE?! "THEY" HAVEN'T SAID ANYTHING, YOU'RE THE ONE DOING ALL THE TALKING, BOZO! Natalie disappeared not long before that "bonding" with the Van der Sloots. Whether what they are saying is TRUE or not, only documented evidence will tell.

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