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The National Archives has his manuscript ledger “Final Report of the Examination of the Quality of Cast Iron Cannon In Service” dated June 1847. You can see some of his family history at The 1853 date is a fairly desirable year as it more than likely, almost undoubtedly, saw service in the war.

de Barth Walbach inspected cannons using his specialized scientific method at forts all over the United States and grading guns as to the quality of their metal.

Some of the later war-date castings that were done specifically for the Union were definitely used by the Union unless of course they may have been captured somewhere during the war and put into Confederate service.

His father holds the distinction of being the oldest active duty officer in the U. It is even possible that it saw Confederate service as who knows where it was at the outbreak of the war.

Detectorists in England, Germany, Ukraine, the Baltic States and elsewhere are turning up some great finds on ancients settlements and battlefields. Serial # 109 and US Military Inspector’s Initials “L. The tube rests upon a nice full scale Paulson Brothers reproduction carriage.

I hope to share these awesome relics with American Collectors who appreciate the our common heritage of Western Civilization and Culture. This the only full scale Civil War Cannon that can comfortably fit in a private home museum or office setting.

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I will be listing some Germanic Migration Age, Viking and Ancient European artifacts soon. Native American relics will also be listed on this page. W.” stamped on the muzzle, ( Louis Augustus de Barth Walbach) who served in the U. “224” is stamped on the breech which is the weight of the tube.

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