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The annual competition that is Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses has now reached the semi-final stage in many regions: indeed, in some – Coventry and Brighton, for example – the finals are almost upon us.Now, for those of you who are not familiar with M2TM, it’s premise is simple: independent, DIY and unsigned bands up and down the country (and slightly further afield, as it has now grown into such metallic hotbeds such as Ireland and Norway) basically do battle to earn a slot on the ‘New Blood’ stage of the festival which gives the competition its name.The reverence is odd, considering ’s ribald nature.

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I had quite a conservative upbringing and my close friends don't even know about the stuff I get up to. For that reason, I'd also say that I'm not a slut in an obvious or conventional sense i.e.

the trio certainly take the early comers by surprise with a barrage of rapid fire drums from Darren Pilkington, followed by a pummelling six-string bass line from Seamy Donnelly.

It’s a tight and taut performance from a band – completed by vocalist/guitarist Jonny Armstrong – who know how to build layers of melody and combine them with seismic riffs, progressive musicianship and classic rock sensibilities.

Climbing onto the cramped stage of the Limelight 2, bodies were already filling the floor as they thundered into a set full with impressive guitar licks and sweet tricks. The atmosphere was eerie and, in truth, the crowd seemed disinterested to start – no doubt a few attended due to the Murderdolls relation, it’s inevitable.

Frontman Mike Van D commanded the audience into a little movement while the rest of the band performed with surgical precision. They are delightful to watch, not too serious and provide adequate volume for the Limelight crowd to go home and research the band that call themselves S. While an integral part to Wednesday 13’s history, this project is well oiled machine with over 7 successful records to their name. On one hand, the Tony Award-winning show – which plays Belfast this month – boasts a family-friendly assortment of Jim Henson-like puppets, singing and dancing their way through an upbeat, coming of age story about friendship through adversity.But then there is puppet nudity, simulated sex and gags about internet Aaron Cunningham - June 16, 2017 The city of Derry has a great tradition of new music, with many talented artists going on to make a name for themselves.The current crop certainly has a few vying for the title of next big thing. by Robert Brown - June 29, 2017 Name: Foldinglights Hometown: Newtownabbey Genre: Folk ◀ Q & A ▶ ▶ Tell us about your band name I have a strange mind and it is a pretty odd name so apologies if this still doesn’t make sense. Wednesday went Transylvania 90210 with classics such as ‘, each played with true passion and an appetite to deliver an impressive stage show.

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