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Eighteen-year-old Ducks cheerleader Molly Maginnis (left) was cited for a DUI after a police officer saw her having trouble parallel parking.

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He's also supposed to have the highest career World Series batting average (.465) and on-base percentage (.556) of anyone in the history of the Fall Classic. His 0.43 lifetime ERA in the World Series is now the second best in World Series history among those with at least 20 innings, trailing only Jack Billingham and his 0.36.

Not only is he hitting so well, the rest of the embellished story has the remainder of the squad batting a mere .151 with the team's regular first baseman, shortstop, catcher and left fielder accounting for a combined three hits, (one of which was, of course the melodramatic variety a game-winning three-run home run by Jonny Gomes in Game 4). Jon Lester, a question mark the past few years has become a latter-day Whitey Ford, seizing the title of staff ace and stopper by throwing 15 ⅓ innings of one-run ball in the Series, lowering his postseason ERA in 2013 to 1.56 in five starts, four of which were wins and the one loss was on an opposition one-hitter. Now take at the supposed bullpen where the staffs elder statesman, Koji Uehara has become a cross between Greg Maddux and Mariano Rivera.

Our bucket list of traveling destinations is definitely long. The idea is to “travel the world” together, visiting a different destination each month. ) With a little creativity, you can turn your living room or bedroom into another country and pretend like you’re going off on a spontaneous, whirlwind getaway.

However, with several little ones at home and student loans to pay- this is definitely not the season of our life for becoming world travelers. You can choose to actually go out and visit different cities, sites, or attractions near you, OR you can do what I did and bring the different destinations to the comfort of your own home. Once you have everything printed out and filled in, just tie it together with the card and give it to your honey for a year of lovin’ and fun!

Swedish television presenter Ulrika Jonsson made a sex tape while on vacation holiday in Cyprus with soccer player Stan Collymore, but Jonsson later took out an injunction preventing Collymore from releasing the tape.

If only the Swedish courts worked as slowly as American courts, that thing would have been out before the judge ruled.

As for Miami, I’m continuing to hear they will be there at some point.

They were just there two “Bachelor” seasons ago for Juan Pablo, but, it’s close to the Bahamas so it would kind of make sense if they went there next.

into our lives, but in season two she truly revealed her naughtiness.

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