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You know how it goes: You both know it's more than friends, but he isn't verbally committing to that. Giving a guy a chance typically requires me to acquiesce to some kind of lingering question mark.It can feel like if I don't give a guy the noncommittal space he needs, I may miss the chance to convert him into actual relationship material. The truth is, no matter how much we bemoan the crises of gumption among single men, as long as we are going along with the status quo, we are contributing to a dating culture that has ditched clarity and intentionality for ambiguity and a total lack of direction.If here’s a concert or a play that you want to check out, buy two tickets.

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Anyway, roughly two months into dating her—if you can call watching TV at her house after basketball practice while getting the evil eye from her dad dating—I began to sour on the whole thing.

The appropriate move would have been for me to end it.

And even if they do like you, how do you parlay heavy flirting into an actual date?

At some point, someone has to ask the other person out. But asking someone out is really terrifying, so he’s probably only going to do it if he’s absolutely, positively, beyond a doubt sure that there’s a good chance you’ll say yes. This is why it’s essential that you make it pretty clear to the guy you’re flirting with that you’re receptive to the idea of his asking for your number or inviting you to hang out.

But that would have meant an uncomfortable confrontation, so instead I chose to avoid her. Besides radio silence on the phone I would steer clear of her at school, send friends on scouting missions to make sure the path to my locker was clear, etc.

It was awful, and to this day I still feel bad about the whole thing.

But the reason I bring up this tale of shame and cruelty is that, while hopefully most grown men don't go to such extremes, it's not uncommon for guys to employ a softer version of these tactics should they want out of a relationship.

Let's call it the slow fade—when a guy starts distancing himself because he doesn't have the cojones to end the relationship himself.

As I'm sure you have experienced, the "let's hang out at my place" tactic, unfortunately, did not die in college.

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