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This is a movie, not so much about human trafficking, but about what happens AFTER the trafficked women and girls get to the West, in this case London.

It starts with a familiar scene, gruesome in all its simplicity, of girl holding up a sign with information how to procure her services, while she's being told she's the girl they're looking for, they will forget all the other girls.

Don't do anything you wouldn't do at home - don't drink too much alone, don't go wandering alone at night, don't go home with strangers, and read up on common scams.'Earlier this month a Japanese student was drugged and raped in northern India, and last week horrifying video footage of two woman being gang raped by grinning men was released by a campaign group in a bid to name and shame the attackers.

Stunning images of scantily-clad women from Rio's world-famous Carnival does little to mask the fact that much of Brazil remains in the grip of widespread violence led by criminal gangs and abusive police.

Velesta’s main attraction is cheap sex — performed by beautiful girls kept under lock and key.

Meeting with Meti We checked into the Hotel Ekslusiv, where Velesta’s sex slaves are forced to serve clients.

Not much actual sex work is shown, it goes as far as massage with the girls in their underwear.

Then indeed some journalist is sent to investigate this situation, and these are the most descriptive, normal scenes.

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This is not the kind of relationship that exists between most pimps and prostitutes.

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