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This is a method for setting up automatic matchline numbering for a civil engineering PS&E (plans, specifications, and estimates) plan set.

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Have you ever looked at the drawing preview window or the view within the SSM (sheet set manager) and noticed that it does not display the correct drawing? Go into Tools and Option (or right-click in the command area) and move to the Open and Save tab.

There you will find a button for Thumbnail Preview Settings.

Do the match on the cost to set up a 100 drawing set and you can see how quickly budgets can be chewed up, and you haven't even begun the design yet.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to simplify and automate the setup process?

Sheet previews are displayed on the Sheet List tab, sheet view previews on the View List tab, and model space view previews on the Resource Drawings tab. One last item you may want to check is when you are saving a drawing notice the update thumbnail check box right under your preview as shown in Figure 3a.

If you HIT this and run a save on your drawing you will notice on the status bar that the previews are being generated.Image resolution is still controlled by the THUMBSIZE system variable.We are now going to go through each section and explain what these variables and buttons control.One of the most time-consuming parts of any project is the initial files setup.When you begin a new job, you need to determine the appropriate sheet size, scale, and orientation of your drawings before you can do anything.You can use fields to automate the insertion of titleblock text – or any other annotation in a drawing.

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