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I attended the ATX Television Festival in Austin, TX June 6-9th. : Your character died on “90210,” but unlike on “The Vampire Diaries,” she really didn’t. I am like the queen of flashbacks and is she really dead; that should be my name, the am I really dead or am I kind of sort of dead? : Was it fun to play the part of Vanessa because it looks like you had a blast on the show? I was thrilled to get to have those moments again on the show with him. : I know the fans were enjoying that fact that for once, Lexi was just having a good time on that episode. And hey, Bon Jovi, doesn’t get any better than that! For those of you who remember the old dating game show “Singled Out,” It’s kind of a throwback to that type of show.

At the opening night Red Carpet event I interviewed Arielle Kebbel, who this past season on the CW was Vanessa Shaw on “90210” and Lexi Branson on “The Vampire Diaries.” Kebbel will be hosting a new dating game show on the CW called “Perfect Score.” In fact, last year at the first ATX Festival, I called Kebbel “The CW Girl” since she seems to make the network her home. : Hi Arielle, welcome back to the ATX TV Festival and Austin. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope everyone tunes in. : So, should we expect Lexi to pop back up on “The Vampire Diaries” next season?

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Season 5, Episode 10January 7, 2005Sean gets a part-time job as a limo driver and complains to Claudia that it's tough work so he can shirk his other responsibilities. Elsewhere, Brad accepts Jimmy into the Sciencenauts club, even though Jimmy never asked to join; a comedian rips off Eddie's stand-up routine.

But Claudia finds out he's lying when she visits him on the job. Season 5, Episode 8November 12, 2004Sean plans to sell the bar and take a managerial job at another pub, but he discovers that Eddie's applying for the same position; Claudia begins working as a bill collector; Lily gets suspicious when Taya and Jimmy start dating. Season 5, Episode 6October 22, 2004Eddie sees a therapist (Scott Thompson),who tells him that Sean is the source of his problems.

: So this season, you had a little fun on “90210.” Kebbel: I had a lot of fun on “90210.” Preview This! You don’t get a lot of those moments, so when they happen they are very precious and special. Kebbel: I do, It’s called “Perfect Score” and it premieres Tuesday, July 16th on the CW Network, right after “Who’s Line Is It Anyway.” It’s a dating game show that is a lot of fun.

: You really must have had fun on the season finale of “The Vampire Diaries” because you got to get back at Damon just a little bit. There was this great moment between Lexi and Stefan that all the fans loved. : Now you have a dating game show coming up on the CW.

Elsewhere, Sean and Eddie learn that Walt has a girlfriend (Gina Gallegos), who happens to be his cleaning lady. Meanwhile, Sean has trouble finding an investor to buy the Red Boot and tells Eddie to persuade his ex to buy the place; Jimmy fills in on the cheerleading squad to get close to the girls.

Season 5, Episode 11January 14, 2005Sean is forced to fix up the house when a neighborhood association sends letters threatening to fine the Finnertys for the poor appearance of their home.

Ariella Kebbel is an American model and Actress, well-known for her TV series, The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best.

She was born to Sheri Kebbel and grew up along with her siblings in Winter Park, Florida.

“These contestants have a chance to come face to face with someone they know for a fact is their most compatible person, and a lot of people don’t ever get that opportunity. was ‘Gilmore Girls,’ so from Day One, The CW had my back.

Usually when you go on a date, you have no idea.”Kebbel is no stranger to CW viewers, being a recurring guest star as Lexi on “The Vampire Diaries” and also having appeared on “90210,” “Life Unexpected” and “Gilmore Girls.” Additionally, she has presented the “Vampire Diaries Rehash” episode recaps on the network’s website.“I’m incredibly grateful,” she says of The CW (and its WB Network forerunner). Our relationship has continued to grow through the years, and they’ve never done a dating show before, so this is a new endeavor for them.

I have this ongoing joke: ‘I hope you guys are still friends after the show!

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