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'I'd do it again right now': Amy Schumer admitted she'd do the GQ Star Wars themed photo shoot all over again, despite the controversy, during a radio interview with the Dan & Maz Show on Monday with co-star Bill Hader But actor Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker got a kick out of it, telling fans on Twitter: 'Got excited when I saw @amyschumer @GQMagazine pics & thought she was just cast in Ep 8!

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Staples of “The Sundance Movie”—We got high and acted like children! We had an awkward conversation with a guy who doesn’t realize how plain he is! Like a short story, Paltrow's dystopian future western astounds with a vividly constructed world, established in the span of a few pages (er, minutes).

We get a sense of Paltrow’s well-conceived future as the archetypical characters traverse barren plains.

Cahill, James and Sorkin will all be honored at the Tribute event on Saturday, June 28.

“At the core of each year’s festival are the awards presented at the Screenwriters Tribute.

Matt Patches is on the ground at the Sundance Film Festival to see as many films as possible and report back about the best independent films we'll be hearing about all year.

You can read his previous dispatches here and here.“The Sundance Movie:” A relationship drama, often involving families or close friends with clashing personalities, that slaps melodrama together with wry comedy using a quirky glue (because, you know, it's real life).

When life thrusts them back together after 10 years of not speaking, they discover their fun-loving selves along with a few less-than-peachy revelations.

Hader and Wiig can play serious, can weave humor into their realistic performances, but what separates them from other actors and directors who attempt dangerously tired material is a foundation of collaboration.

It’s easy to buy that they’re brother and sister because the rapport is established.

They know how to make each other laugh, and it makes us laugh. Hader’s meatiest material involves The latest from writer/director Jake Paltrow (brother of Gwyneth) is akin to stumbling into a dusty used book store, plucking out a one-dollar, sci-fi pulp anthology, and speed-reading it in the decrepit armchair.

She's been cutting quite the stylish figure lately, and this outfit for the New York premiere is no different.

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