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Don't worry, guys — Farrah made her mom cry again.

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I had big shoes to fill, but I think I did a good job. She likes me as a person, but she hates that I have to be a producer sometimes.

I highly recommend that you take an hour to watch Catelynn and Tyler’s amazing story.

Catelynn’s a smart, charming, rosy-cheeked Michigan girl with a chipper, strong voice.

She immediately addresses the lack of stability in her life, noting that she’s moved 13 times during her childhood.

Catelynn’s story (often misspelled Caitlynn by Googlers) was definitely the most intense and moving episode of the compelling MTV series.

The last episode dealt with Whitney, who certainly wasn’t dealing with an ideal situation, but did have a supportive boyfriend and compared to Catelynn, relatively stable adults in her life (We’re talking coldly rational), but definitely had the most absent baby-daddy.Weston really shined when the baby came home and he cared for the him with an attentiveness and tenderness many fully prepared adults cannot summon.Whitney’s family situation to be devoted, but Catelynn’s story took these characteristics to the extreme.The two were engaged once before, but called it off in July 2013.Then, on Christmas Day last year -- just days before Nova was born -- Tyler proposed again."I always prayed one day that Ty would be my husband, and I am beyond blessed that my prayers came true," Catelynn told Us Weekly."I believe Cate was brought into this world and destined to be loved by me, cherished by me, admired by me, and forever cared for by me," Tyler said.

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