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““Appropriate action will be taken against applications or services that do not comply with the regulations,” a spokesman at the commission told Arab News.

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The seven emirate rulers constitute the Federal Supreme Council, the highest legislative and executive body.

The Council selects a president and vice president from its membership; the president, in turn, appoints the prime minister and cabinet.

The app’s video and voice chat functions, along with similar service imo, now can’t be used in the country because of “regulations”.

It isn’t clear exactly why the features have been blocked in the country.

But local reports have speculated that it is a way of protecting the revenues of traditional telecoms companies.

Video and voice calling allows people to call over the internet rather than phone networks, avoiding the expense that can often come with calling outside of the country or for extended times.

There are no democratically elected institutions or political parties.

There are no general elections; however, citizens may express their concerns directly to their leaders through traditional consultative mechanisms, such as the open majlis, or council.

In Arabic, God (Allah) refers to Himself using the male pronoun "هو"; unlike English, the Arabic male pronoun does not imply gender. For further details, see also this related post: Refering to Allah (SWT) as “him”?

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