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The former TOWIE star, 26, is reportedly about to launch herself as a pop star after doing a Beyoncé and secretly recording a whole album’s worth of songs. READ MORE CELEB NEWS Ferne Mc Cann stuns fans with ‘orange’ make-up tutorial ‘Ferne is a secret songstress,’ a source says.

Hollyoaks actress Porter, TOWIE star turned presenter Mc Cann and Essex (who tried and failed to find love in series one) are among five British stars searching for that special someone.

Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear and Diversity’s Perri Kiely (the formerly little guy with the AWESOME hair) complete the UK line-up.

In fact, some (like us) thought that Ferne’s chat-up skills were downright hilarious.

But more importantly, with a HOT MAN lying behind her. The former I’m A Celeb star kept us all guessing by only showing his ear and stubble, but we can tell he’s a looker.

I ALWAYS offer…clearly didn't make the edit Jnv Ec YCV — Ferne Mc Cann (@fernemccann) February 15, 2017 Poor Ferne, to be fair, she’s just looking for love and why shouldn’t she get excited that one of her perspective dates probably had a bit of cash in the bank!

Sadly, this came after a earlier date, where the guy she had dinner with paid £175 for the night after Ferne spent the majority of the night putting tequila slammers on the bill.

Now, we know that dating is hard (amen), but flipping out your phone and engaging in an Instagram stalk within a few minutes of meeting the chap Ferne, isn’t going to do you any favours.

And no, neither is aggressively grilling about pictures of his ex.

TOWIE star, unlucky in-love Celebs Go Dating-er and self-proclaimed 'foodie' Ferne Mc Cann is reportedly pregnant - with ex-boyfriend Arthur Collin's baby.

Earlier this week, Ferne Mc Cann learned the shocking truth that her then boyfriend was a suspect in an acid attack over Bank Holiday weekend which left two people blind.

As the show drew to a close, she shed and tear and sadly exclaimed, “I have no one!

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